Founded in 1905 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It manufactured industrial-size pressure canners, known as "canner retorts"
for commercial canneries. In 1939 the company introduced the first saucepan-style pressure cooker and gave it the
trade name Presto.
National Presto Industries makes parts available for almost every pressure cooker and canner it manufactured
since 1945 and even some pre-WWII.
Your source for a Presto Pressure Cooker, Presto Pressure Canner, Presto Pressure Cooker Parts,
& Presto Appliances Parts. And a selection of Presto accessories & the right Presto part for your Presto Popcorn Popper,
Presto Kitchen Kettle & Presto Salad Shooter. We have that hard to find Part for Presto.

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When ordering Pressure Cooker or Canner Parts,
First find Your model number
on Your Cooker Or Canner.

Find your Presto Pressure Cooker/Canner Model Number If you have a newer model.
You can usually find the model number on the bottom of the pressure cooker or on the canner body.

Under the handle. Sticker on the handle.
Presto Presto

If very old model, the number can probably be found on a label attached to the
top of the cover. Old units have model numbers like 5,7B, 40, 50, 204, 606, etc.
Presto Presto
Newer models start with 01/ or 02/ followed by letters like PC or PA and more letters and/or numbers.
The most recent styles always have seven digits (all numerical) model numbers starting with 01 or 02
(Example: 0136304).

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